A Piece of the Sky

We learned “That Old Sweet Roll” from Dusty In Memphis. It’s the one with “Son of a Preacher Man,” and it’s just about perfect: the rhythm section, the Memphis Horns, and of course, Dusty Springfield. Megan sings it great, Nate and Jake lay into it nice at the end, and Mariel and I continue our quest to be worthy background singers. Turns out it was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin (of course again).


One thought on “A Piece of the Sky

  1. Have heard a few brave folks try to deal with Dusty Springfield material, and it almost never sounds very good….until now, baby!! No really, this has a very nice feel to it. Megan’s made the song her own, with great confidence, and everybody’s pitched in to bring that era forward and give it that sweet Symphony Rags touch. Recording-wise you guys seem to be in a really good place too. Now just nail down “You Don’t Own Me,” and “The Look of Love” and you can send your kids to college (no I mean a real college). Or maybe Carol King can just write you something better. But then, who needs that old has been with so many fresh young songwriters in the group. Thanks for the nice groove.

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