The Old and the New


We’re looking forward to turning the page from 2015 to 2016 with a New Year’s Eve show at the Down Home in Johnson City. We’ll be splitting the night with our friends Motel Rodeo, a great country band led by Jesse Lewis.

We’ve had a full year of music and gigs and changes. In 2015, we said goodbye to Megan and Nathan, who have moved to Eastern Kentucky and Middle Tennessee, respectively. In July, Megan and her partner Will welcomed baby Jubal into their family, and they continue to play and teach music while homesteading in Kentucky. Nathan and Candace moved to Nashville, where Nate took a job at Vanderbilt. Nathan and Megan are excellent musicians and excellent people. We miss them both, and wish them all the best.

Our friend Lucas Gentry is joining us on drums. Lucas is an English major at King in Bristol, and plays in King’s jazz band. He’s got a great groove and is teaching us about prog rock, which is one of the kinds of rock.

It’s Christmas, so the Christmas music is out, and the best addition to our Christmas CD shelf this year is Kenny Burrell’s “Have Yourself a Soulful Little Christmas” from 1965. It swings, it bops, it rocks.

Speaking of Christmas music, here’s our old Christmas favorite, recorded by Keith Smith and featuring the very reverby guitar of Roy Andrade and Nathan on drums.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and come see us at the Down Home for New Years!


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