Fit Wives of Bristol, 2014

Symphony Rags April 2014 Photoshoot-Fit Wives Color and B W-0138_2








We made this, our first CD, between late summer 2012 and winter 2013. Nathan recorded and mixed it, and everyone pitched in on the production.

Anndrena Belcher wrote “Congratulations Are In Order,” and Kevin O’Donnell wrote “Tennessee.” Mariel and Brandon wrote the rest, and they wouldn’t sound like they do without the imagination and musicianship of Jake, Megan, and Nate.

Lee Jones took all the pictures and created the images in our charming publicity portfolio. Stacy Jones, Adriel Slaughter, and Alison Osborne Scanlan join Megan and Mariel on the cover. Mariel and Nathan did the art direction and layout.

Thanks to Greg and Linda Wallace, Ed Snodderly and Danny Julian, Keith and Pam Smith, Leah Ross and Charlene Tipton, Christine Murdock and Phil Leonard for making this one of the best music communities in the country. Ma, Pa, Johnny, and Cousin Oliver Pop, and their friend David Bedsole contributed ideas to many of these songs when they played in a terrific band called Wall of Pop.


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