A Piece of the Sky

We learned “That Old Sweet Roll” from Dusty In Memphis. It’s the one with “Son of a Preacher Man,” and it’s just about perfect: the rhythm section, the Memphis Horns, and of course, Dusty Springfield. Megan sings it great, Nate and Jake lay into it nice at the end, and Mariel and I continue our quest to be worthy background singers. Turns out it was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin (of course again).


Fall Up North

Daniel Lanois wrote this song and it’s on his album For the Beauty of Wynona, which also has “Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed.” It can’t be easy to be a great producer, guitarist, and songwriter, but somehow he manages. If you’re ever in need of evidence of good in the world, pick up a record of his called Shine.

Fall in East Tennessee is just about perfect, but fall in Michigan has the world’s best apple cider. This song and Daniel Lanois come from Canada, and our version is inspired by another band of Canadians.

A Seasonal Number


Our friends Greg and Linda Wallace stopped by rehearsal Tuesday to shoot some video. This may seem like a lot of trouble to promote our show at the Down Home October 10, but one time my buddy Colin and I were starting a new band and we spent a whole night making demo tapes of our songs to distribute to members of Virginia Intermont’s Equestrian Studies program so when they came to our first show they would already know the songs. The thinking was, if the VI girls come, so will everyone else. This strategy worked a little too well: a large and somewhat unruly crowd descended on the 7th St. Cafe, and after the gig we were banned from playing there again. Accounts as to what exactly happened vary.  All accounts include VI girls.